Intensive Driving Accrington, is your debut landing place for the transformation of yourself from the trainee to the white-collared and highly skilled ever of the road journey. Free up yourself from any stress regarding the learning of Automatic car driving because we are here to lead you and teach you world-class instruction. By our highly reputed trainers whose hard work will enable you to mock the driving test, you should grab and take advantage of this opportunity. Do not delay anymore and be a part of our institute, Intensive Driving Accrington. 

Discover The Advantages

Secure this chance today and boost your skills by exploring our advantages. If similar to others you are finding a place with timed mock tests, road signs learning, friendly behavior of the male or female driving instructor, and personalized timings then you are at the correct destination. Our progressing approach ensures the perfect mock test preparation in which we teach everything that is required for the test mocking. If you want to get more information about the Automatic Driving Lessons by the Intensive Driving Accrington then here are the details below:  

High Class Automatic Lessons 

All of our instructors hired by the Intensive Driving Accrington are highly trained and they have their massive skills in the domain of teaching the Automatic Driving Lessons. With no doubt, we can happily claim that our teaching methodology is different from others as all of the teachers are ADI approved and they have years of experience with them. 

Timed Mock Test 

In most cases, learners or those who appeared in the driving test face failure due to a lack of knowledge regarding the question that will be asked in the theory test. At Intensive Driving Accrington, our high-performance instructions provide all the help and full instructions that are required to mock any of the car driving tests. Hence, it is clear that our institute is the best option for you to get enrolled. 

Road Sign Learning 

Rules are made to be followed, As being a good and responsible citizen we must follow the traffic rules. At Intensive Driving Accrington, our best-in-class ADI-approved instructors provide all the guidance along with the training in Automatic Car Driving which reflects their reputed collared personality and years of experience. At our car driving institute, the learners are made to learn the traffic rules or traffic signals and how to follow them as well.  

Personalized Timings 

The timings provided by us can be personalized because we truly understand the schedule of busy learners who do not find to learn this skill. As mocking the car driving test to become a licensed driver requires training about what if a person is doing any job? No worries! We already have a solution for it and that is you can have the timings as per the easiness and the convenience of yours.  

Best Rating From Customers 

Our Automatic Driving Lessons have high ratings from the learners who were taught to drive the automatic car by our trainers. They left with a good rating and the process is continuing. We believe that teaching a car is an easy task but teaching with such an approach that the passing percentage of most of the learners should be high is a different task. We assure you that we are not focusing on the quantity but on the quality as our top priority.      

Our Automatic Driving Lessons 

The Automatic Driving Lessons offered by us have the following explanation which can be read to you to get more grip on it. Seek a stress-free and convenient journey with us and get deep into the world of Automatic Driving Lessons. Here are details on it:    

5 hour Automatic Driving Lessons 

The 5 hours of Automatic Driving Lessons offered by us are under the charges of £ 325. Includes the teaching of the Automatic Driving Lessons and the duration is 1-2 days. If in any case you have failed the driving test or you want to prepare yourself for the test then you can easily enroll yourself in it.  

10 hour Automatic Driving Lessons

The 10 hours of Automatic Driving Lessons include the price range of £ 545 with a time duration of 10 hours. These are very affordable lessons in which you will get one-to-one training plus you are a driver with confidence but if you want to have a quick refresh on it then it is suggested for you. In this, 1 or 2 major areas where the leader is weak are focused on in these Automatic Driving Lessons. The time limitation for it is 4-6 days.

15 hour Automatic Driving Lessons

The 15 hours of automatic car driving lessons involve the £ 780 price charges under the time limitation of 1- 3 weeks. Some key skills can be improved in this Automatic Driving Lessons duration. In this tenure of time, you will get the surety that you are fully prepared for the car driving test.  


20 hour Automatic Driving Lessons 

The 20-hour Automatic Driving Lessons include the time duration of 20 hours as the name suggests. But the major thing which are the basics of the Automatic Driving Lessons is we focus on the maneuvers, mirrors, singles and traffic rules etc. The charges are £ 995 for the tenure of 2-3 weeks. 

25 hour Automatic Driving Lessons

The timings for the Automatic Driving Lessons include the 25 hours in which the learners or the driver is having issues in making progress after he has taken some breaks from driving. We will teach you new skills and enhance those which you have already learned. The charges for this are £ 1250 for 25 hours. The duration is for 2-4 weeks in which you will learn these things as mentioned above.    

30 hour Automatic Driving Lessons 

The tenure for this is 2-5 weeks in which the charges will be £ 1439 for 30 hours. The Automatic Driving Lessons under this price range are very much affordable. You must not miss this opportunity and we will teach you all the skills along with the maneuvers that most people lack.      

35 hour Automatic Driving Lessons 

The 35 hours of Automatic Driving Lessons involves the charges of £ 1610. The time duration for it is 3-5 weeks. We will teach from the very basics to the excerpt level of instructions that will lead to your transformation into the expert level. 

40 hour Automatic Driving Lessons

The duration for this is 4-5 weeks under 40 hours of time duration. The charges are £ 1840 which is very affordable and pocket-friendly. If you require the learning of the Automatic Driving Lesson from the beginning then this is a good option for you and the prices are low as well.

45 hour Automatic Driving Lessons 

The Automatic Driving Lessons which are being provided by us are for the 4-6 weeks The charges are under £ 2025 under the 45 hours tenure. All skills will be revised and you will again be able to mock the driving test easily. Also, the prices are very much affordable. 


Q: How much are Automatic Driving Lessons?

The Automatic Driving Lessons start from the charge of £ 40 and end up at £ 3000. It depends upon the institute and also the proficiency of the professor. So, these are the average prices the market rate rates might change at different institutes.  

Q: How long does it take to learn Manual Car Driving? 

Manual Car driving can be learned under the time duration of 20-30 hours on an average basis. Minimally, 2-4 weeks are required to learn Manual Car Driving as it involves the knowledge of the gears so the learners spend more time on it.

To Sum Up 

The Automatic Driving Lessons Blackrun is the best place for the residents of Blackburn. Take advantage of this opportunity as we are providing 5 hours of automatic driving lessons, 10 hours of automatic driving lessons, 15 hours of automatic driving lessons, 20 hours of automatic driving lessons, 25 hours of automatic driving lessons, and up to 45 hours of automatic driving lessons. Book us now!